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I approached Sue, the founder of BGI (an approach to Chiropractic based on geometry and the golden ratio) about a re-brand for them. After going through my proposal she was excited to let me update the brand. This was no small feet considering she had the prior logo tattooed!

I chose Phi Caps for the logo type,  a geometric all caps, sans serif typeface designed on the basis of the golden ratio.

The logo mark is still a triangle, the three corners still represent philosophy, science and art – they are just not physically labeled on the logo, The shape within the triangle is a combination of the Phi symbol for the golden ration as well as the letters B, G and I.
Together they become a unique logomark that both reads as Phi and a capital letter “B”.

This updated logo mark works well in all social media icon scenarios. Much of the marketing efforts for BGI is a grassroot effort spearheaded by the BGI clubs at Chiropractic Universities. I created a series of blank poster and handbill templates that these clubs could hand write information about upcoming events.

I am so impressed with your work, your research and your creativity.  Thanks for doing this for Sue, BGI needed an overhauling and I believe these changes are just perfect.  I was going to talk about each piece, font, business card, logo, but it ALL is excellent.  !!!!

D.A. (Donna) Wils
(Sue Brown’s Partner)