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For this holiday card and employee engagement campaign, the CEO asked for a creative way to showcase Global Payment’s international reach. I chose to illustrate iconic locations representing the nine major worldwide offices. For the execution of the card I scanned in the illustrations and made them appear as two seamless illustrations that spanned the five-panel accordion fold. This was to emphasis that all of these different locations and cultures are what make up the company as a whole and to illustrate one of his favorite quotes, “The sun never sets on Global Payments”.

Holiday Card 2012

The Holiday card design was so well received that the illustrations were also utilized for a world-wide employee engagement campaign.

This mission and values card came in a pop-up tent card so each employee could display the card on their desk and be reminded of Global Payments corporate mission and values on a daily basis. Each card was issued a unique 5-digit number used for lottery give-aways throughout the year.

For the engagement posters, I broke apart the illustrations to allow each location to stand out on their own. Each poster and card was produced in eight languages (Czech, English, French, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Simplified ChineseĀ and Traditional Chinese)