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In 2013 Global Payments underwent on a complete world wide re-brand. A boutique agency was brought in to do the market analysis and competitive landscape. I was then tasked with converting that research along with stakeholder interviews into a cohesive brand. Global Payments wanted to be able to speak with a unified voice across the 30 countries they operate in. The Company wanted to reiterate, “Who Global Payments is” and modernize their visual presence to emphasize a strategic push away from a traditional payment processing model to an integrated software solution model (in essence they needed to look less like a stuffy bank and more like a modern technology company).

I knew that the incoming CEO would not go for a new logo (especially the costs associated with one), so Instead I took the registered “G” from the full logo and contained it so that it would be easier to use with other marks. This stripped down version of the logo has slowly become the main mark with the full logo being used far more sparingly.

The color palette was modernized by adding some new brighter tones as well as transitioning away the dark green of the logo to a lighter accent green.

Internal Brand Update

Along with the the external rebrand, a new complimentary internal brand was created to allow the incoming CEO a chance to evolve the corporate culture. A set of 12 brand attributes were created and posters of these attributes were displayed in every Global Payment’s office around the world.